My big boy is 8!


A week ago you turned eight! Eight years that you have been in my life. In all these years, you have taught me how to love unconditionally. You have touched my heart so deeply that it's never been the same since. The journey has not always been easy or beautiful, but always rewarding and meaningful.
If I look back, I wouldn't change much at all. Even the imperfect moments are so dear to me. It is what it is and I am very happy. I feel very grateful.

You are very intentional. You always know what you want. You go deep in the areas that interest you. You explore, research, learn and enjoy. You are still reserved and on the shy side. You make friends so easily, and they are important to you. (it seems you learned with mommy how to nurture and appreciate your friends) Your friends like you so much!

(Jujú's letter arrived right on time!)

You love to find when you get back from school on the kitchen's table your presents, cake and baloons. And that's how we have celebrated your special day the last couple of years. You embrace simplicity and I love that about you!

These are the t-shirts mom made for your friends for your birthday party on Sunday. Soccer team.

You continue to be so so passionate about soccer. And my boy, you do play some ball! Mama is very proud of you. You're just about to start your all-star soccer season. From fall- to all star- to spring! No breaks.

You are very special. I love you!


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