Kalei's birthday party

It was on Friday, Feb 24. We invited 10 kids and they all made it- yeah! It was at the playground of our community - the isles. Kalei was very happy!

We had a scavenger hunt. They had to look for the letters of their names (it took me 6 hours to do all the letters for 12 kids) and lollipops.

And the party was on...

This is Kalei's best friend - John Luke

Posing for a picture at my request before they were off hunting their letters.

Like every year (i haven't learned it!) they get into the cake and start digging the decorating toys out before I even have a chance to take a descent picture!  ;-)

Back at home. Time to open his presents. He did all by himself since Gabe was at soccer practice.

He had a good time. It's so easy to please my boys. They don't have any expectations and go with whatever is there for them.

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