I am back...

...after moving into our new home. (and ruff's computer is finally back too!). i can't say that i am back in full swing because there is so, so much to do in the house but it does feel good to be writing on my blog.

i do have few random pictures waiting in line to be posted so i guess i'll start from there.

these pictures are from late afternoon at siesta downtown. one of many walks we take after big o'laf ice-cream trip.

it actually feels good to go through these pictures since we have not been at the beach lately. yeah, i know it's hard to believe but somehow life's busy rhythm has us dancing its tune.

so i guess this will be a beach time kind of post...

after an ice-cream trip (another one!) to kilwin's we went to watch the sunset at the pier in venice beach. it was breath taking. the sky was gorgeous.

one morning when gabe was still in school ruff, kalei and i headed to the beach for fresh air

then later emily, kevin and casey joined us

i warned you it would be a beach post but forgot to warn you about being a long one  :-)

these next pictures were on a sunday at siesta key. beautiful day. the wind was blowing very hard and the sun was shining very graciously. it was indeed a nice family day.

i guess i am done for now. i did some catching up with life but honestly there is so much that i have not captured these last days.

i'll come back to post on our new home as soon as i can.

we are happy and very grateful for our new house.

see ya.

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