My family

Family. Such a powerful word. It comes in all shapes and sizes. Some families are simple, others are more complicated. They are all important. Our parents helped shape who we are and we are shaping who our kids will be. It's a huge responsibility. We are not perfect and we'll make mistakes.

I hope I teach my kids the most important lesson, love. I don't know how to love perfectly but I know I love them so very much. If I can accomplish teaching them the meaning and feeling of love, I believe they will be well equipped for life. Love is powerful, and with love you forgive, you are kind and you make a difference in this world.

There is so much noise in the world we live in. So many distractions. Sometimes we loose touch with the things that truly matter. Simple things. We stop noticing the beauty around us. We forget to be grateful for our lives. We become too busy to practice an act of kindness.

When I turn my heart away from all the demands of life I find peace. I find peace when I watch my kids playing. I find peace when I connect with my husband. I find peace when I turn to God.

My family is not perfect but I love us together.

Other things may change us, but we start and end with Family.

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