Brazil - June, 2013

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It was very sweet to be with her. I truly savored every moment we spent together. It was special.

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On June 7 of 2013 I flew overseas leaving behind my most precious bundle of life - my husband and my two boys.

I went to spend good quality time with my mother. It was very much needed.

It was the first time I have ever traveled this far without my boys. It was such a hard decision to make and even after all was planned it was hard to conceive the idea that I would spend two full weeks away from them.

Well, I did it. And everyone survived. The trip was very successful and I accomplished all that I intended for this time in Brazil; to be totally present for my mom.
These moments will stay in my thoughts and heart forever. I feel blessed that I had such an opportunity. Thanks to my husband that stayed home and cared for our boys so I could go and connect with my mom. Thanks also to my mother-in-law that helped to make this trip possible.

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My mom still laughs often, has a big heart and a strong presence.

I know we made each other very happy. We made the best of our short time together. We made every day count!

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The first three days I spent with my father in São Paulo. It was so good for me. My dad and Jacque are very graceful. They lift your soul gently.

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He cooked my favorite dish, his lasagna. We went to Mercadão to get all the ingredients! I love this marketplace. ( I'll share some pictures of this beautiful market in a later post)

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It's always so nice to be with them. They know how to enjoy life and every moment is more important than the last.

I really wished I had more time to be with my father. Next time.

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This is my nephew Gael. The first and last time I saw him he was only 9 months old. Now he's three and half! It was a joy to be with him.

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My sister and I stayed many nights up until 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning trying to catch up with each other. We both know how to make the best of our time together.

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One morning we went to visit with Bruno, my other nephew. He has grown so much. I can't believe how fast they change. He is so handsome!

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I picked Amanda up one afternoon to spend some time with her. She is such a big girl. It was so much fun to have her with me. We talked, we laughed, we played board games and we went for my favorite ice-cream shop.

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How beautiful is she?!

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I only had one full weekend in Brazil. So the whole family got together Saturday at my brother's house. Oh, how much I miss these moments with my family...

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Of course I took a lot of pictures! I'll treasure these photographs for many years to come.

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Jacque is a special person. She's giving, patient and a good listener. I always look forward to spending time with her.

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The kids played all day and watching them playing made me miss my kiddos so much. They would have enjoyed so much playing with their cousins.

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The cold weather outside did not matter. I think it was the coldest day in my two weeks in Brazil. I actually enjoyed the cold air of the winter in Brazil.

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Sometime I wish I could freeze time and be in it a little longer...

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 I know I don't get to see them often and they all grow too fast, so I made sure I took lots and lots of pictures. So, I'll be back with some more...

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