Gabe's 10th birthday party

Last year, when he turned 9, he chose a small party with a few of his friends. This year, I gave him a few choices of party places and each place with a number of friends that he could invite. In one of the choices he could have invited up to 15 friends. But he picked the smallest and longest party. He chose the same kind of party as last year.

So we went to the theater to watch The Hobbit - the Desolation of Smaug. (Last year we watched The Hobbit - An unexpected Journey.) Then we headed home for a Rainbow Loom party. Well, at least that was the plan...but they played more at the basketball court than they loomed bracelets.

This year he had the company of Jonah Schildkraut, Ryan Sims, Devon Green, Jon Yagers and Jaxson  French.

So the party started at 10:00 am and ended at 5:30pm, with Jonah being the last friend to go home. Even with only 5 boys I was exhausted but happy by the end of the party ;-) So much energy!

This is the only picture with all 5 of his friends.

Jonah and Devon

Devon and Jaxson

Not a happy face. It's about brothers fighting, does it sound familiar to you?! 

But for most of his party he had a smile on his face. I guess it was a fun day. Simple and meaninful. Ruffin thinks that, given his age, this year may be the last for this kind of party. Is he really growing this fast?! 

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