Somewhere in time

I have abandoned my blog, I know. I am not happy about it. I have taken a different course with my photography and blogging was set aside.

I know I have pledged a few times to keep on blogging. I will not give up. I am here to give it a try again. And again and again.

So much of life has happened in this lapse of time that I am just going to randomly select a few moments that I don't want my boys to forget. All these moments from 2013. Oh my.

Here we go, shall we?!


This is the crazily happy Crozat family (Or at least I like to think so).

May, 2013 - Gabriel birthday party.

    Vance, Kalei and Gabriel 

Our first boat trip in Sarasota as a family. Evie and Andy Bates were kind to invite us on board.

Casey Key Beach with the boys and Simone. They had so much fun!

Siesta Key Beach - summer 2013. The ocean was ferocious this day. Nothing like our Gulf calm waters. Jonah and Gabe enjoyed so much surfing and playing in it. It is always nice to have a change. But I love the silent that the waveless beach offers.

After a full day of fun we headed to Big O'laf.

Just another day in the beautiful Sarasota. So blessed to live here.

Bowling with Jonah and Ryan.

At the YMCA Water Park.

Siesta Key summer runathons

Dana is always loaded with healthy snacks and always ready to share.

    Zack, Ryan, Gabe and Evan

This smile melts my heart over and over again. 

On one of our many trips to kilwin's.

The waiter can barely fit our drinks and food on our tables. It has been like this since I can remember.

Love, love, love this boy. I am SO lucky I can be his mom.

Showing off his hairstyle. I have no idea where he got that one...

Being creative.

Our garage turns into a hair salon few times a year. Dad gives them a good hair cut! 

Gabe was being silly about his hairdo before the scissors chopped them off. I love when it gets this long but the way Gabe wants to wear it kills me ;-) He combs it all out and makes a bang out of it. He insists that his hair is not curly ;-) I would love if he let it be just like it is in these pics.

Kalei is ready for his Fall Soccer Season. It started in October, 2013.

Laurel Nokomis Fall Festival. Kalei had a blast. This kiddo is so much fun to watch.

    Vance and Brady with Kalei

For the last two or three years they have done their own customs for Halloween. this year they picked IronMan at Costco.

A walk on our neighborhood.

We spent Halloween/2013 in Maria's and Alfredo's house.

Doing his Homework.

Quick outing.

And more beach.

Kalei holding Cloye. I think this picture is so funny...He's not sure what to do.

My kitchen in the early morning hours. Love it when the sun starts to pour its rays into my place.

I tried to cover as much as possible from last year. It was like watching a movie pressing the fast foward button. 

I hope to come back soon!

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