Christmas Eve - 2014

It was a very low pace evening for us.

We went to our church candlelight service as we have done for the last three years. Always so beautiful.

Then we went out for dinner with friends from Maryland - Adriana, Ethan and Joshua - at Epicure in downtown. It was very nice.

Then we headed back home, only the four of us. Oh, I love to watch the excitement of my boys and the anticipation of Christmas day.

When we arrived home the Christmas tree was lit and shining through the living room. We didn't turn any light on in the house. The kids immediately went for the gifts under the tree. I told them they could hold them, but not open, only feel them and try to guess what they are.

But they begged to open only one. So they did.

I know, or at least I think I know, that Gabe does not believe in Santa anymore. But he sure loves to make me think that he does. He must like the magic and traditions of this time of the year. So with a smile on their faces they put out cookies and milk for Santa.

Kalei still believes. Even though he looks for reassurance from us. I will play along for as long as they want. I love magic moments myself and holding on to traditions is not a bad thing at all. 

...and they finally went to bed. They cannot wait for tomorrow. Kalei has been counting the days. So sweet. He is full of life that kiddo!

Merry Christmas.

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