Valentine 2015

Today is Valentines. We celebrated as a family. Four of us.

We went to an orange grove. I have to be honest that I was expecting more. I envisioned to walk through tall orange trees, to have a picnic on a nice shaded area right under a tree full of oranges. Oh well, let's say it was not like I was hoping for.

It was still fun.

We took the tram tour and were instructed on the history of the farm. There was not one tree taller than me and there were no oranges to be picked. But it was still nice ;-)

We did stop to meet some animals. The boys got a chance to touch an alligator and a python. Ruffin even held the alligator with his own hands.

This was a very nice garden maze.

My boys know how to do one thing very well: to grow quickly before my eyes. Besides the many requests made by me to slow down!

After the farm we treated ourselves with a nice lunch at Kona Grill at the UTC Mall.

My husband's surprise to me!

Happy Valentines day!

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