Random moments

I just want to make sure to have these random moments documented so we don't forget how much fun the boys always  have with their friends.

Gabe and Kalei  just finished playing their last season (2015/2016) with FC Sarasota and we will miss all of our friends so much! For us, they were our soccer family. We shared so much during these past 4 years together. So here I have some pictures with this special group of boys.

Indoor Soccer - Alex, Ryan,Gabe,Jonah,Noah, and Jaxson

Love having our van filled with happiness 

Post game lunch. The boys love the time together after a soccer game!

The big boys with coach Chris Robinson

 Adam, Dusty, Ruffin, Dan and Chris

I have no idea what's up with Gabe's hair.

Another post game lunch.

Noah, Luke, Colin, Ryan, Nathan, Gabe, coach Chris, Jonah, Nevin, Alex, and Jaxson


We went to watch New York City FC MLS soccer game at IMG. Oh, the boys had SO much fun!

There were two famous players playing with the New York City team - Andrea Pirlo, italian professional soccer player and David Villa, spanish professional player

Pirlo signing for Kalei

They also met Frank Lampard, english professional player

I love Kale's face when he got David Villa autograph.


One more stop before we head home after a soccer game.

Gabe and Jonah doing homework.

I really am amazed into how many positions Kalei can go while reading a book.

Gabe doing what he likes best - fifa on his iPod.

Just being friends.

One of many trips to Sky Zone.

See you soon!

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