Gabe's 13th Birthday Party

I have a teenager in the house!!!

We have kept this tradition for a good number of years. They come home from school to a cake, gifts and balloons. We celebrate this way. It doesn't get old for them. They love it.

We celebrated his birthday on Dec 03. Kieran was dropped off early that day and the rest of his friends came around 2:00pm.

We stayed at our community. As usual, simplicity was the key.

kieran and Gabe

They were messing up with their hair before the party 😊

...and the party begins...

The party troop this year:

Jonah, Ryan, Noah, Nevin, Kieran and Sebastian

Back home, Gabe opened his gifts. There were lots of joy, laughter and fun around that table.

Then the cake. More fun time!

Bottle flipping

Kieran, Jonah and Ryan slept over.

Next day was a magic one ;-)

It was just a perfect way to be with his friends and celebrate his birthday.

I love you Gabe!


This post is SO late 😂
Only 9 months
I guess it could be worse

I definitely don't use my blog as blogs are meant to be used. I use this space to store good memories. I don't take nearly as many pictures as I once did. Sad. Nonetheless I still make an attempt to post big milestones so my boys will have a place to come and enjoy their memories.

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