Recollection Post: Labor Day Tournament - Chargers Club - 2017

My boys have been playing soccer for as far as I can remember. My oldest, Gabriel, first started in California, then Northern Virginia, and continued playing in Florida, where we have lived for the past 7 years. Kalei, now 11, started playing once we moved to Florida. So we have been a soccer family for a very long time ;-)

They started playing for FC Sarasota and did so for about 5 years. Then Gabriel moved on to play one year with The IMG academy and Kalei played with Spartans, and then they both played for Chargers Club last season. Happy to announce that they both rejoined FC Sarasota for the 2018/2019 season!

These pictures are from the Labor Day Tournament as Chargers players.

It was a match packed soccer weekend.

and it was fun!!!

Gabe's team first match

Gabe's team played against FC Sarasota, which a few of his former teammates still play for, including one of his closest friend Jonah. So these matches are one of the best to watch ;-)

Gabe, Jonah, Ryan 

Kalei's match

Franchesco, Alessandro, Kalei, Adrian, Legend, Niko, and Sebastian


Coach - Antonio

Kalei's team also played against FC Sarasota

Kalei's team won the championship for their age bracket.

His schoolmate and former teammate Jack

Kalei was so happy!

We went out for lunch with these silly boys and then to the beach!!! 


It was a fun packed weekend!

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