Florida Extreme Cup

This was Kalei's first Tournament of the 2018/2019 soccer season with FC Sarasota.

It's a new season and new team for Kalei. Last season he played for the Chargers. But he knew a few players in his team now from two years ago when he played for the club.

It was a soccer filled kind of weekend. They played 4 games and came in second place!

Their first game was on Saturday at 1:00pm.

First game: FC Sarasota x Strictly Soccer. They won 5-0

Their second game was at 5:30pm.

Second game: FC Sarasota x Lakeland Tropics Futbol. They won 3-1

I only have these two photos from their second game. I don't know why 🙃

Their third game was on Sunday at 11:30am

Third game: FC Sarasota x Cape Coral Cyclone. They lost 1-2. It was such a competitive game. Great match.

Between games the team went for lunch 

Their last game was at 3:30pm and against the same team they played last.

They lost 2-0.

They got in second place. I am so proud of their hard work and sportsmanship. They had very few practices due to many cancellations because of the weather.

Every beggining of a season is tough because they have many practices cancelled due to our Florida Hurricane/Storm season. 

It was a great weekend and the Kalei had so much fun!

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