Last day of 2018

We had no plans for the 31st. Ruffin had to work. I just told the boys that I wanted to spend the day with them.

We did it. It was simple. It was gorgeous. It was fun. It was perfect!

We went to Lido beach. We were missing the beach SO much!

The Red Tide has really been a major issue in Sarasota for the past 8 months. Very sad. But we were blessed with no Red Tide today.

That's only one of the reasons I love the life in Florida - beach in December :)


Boy they can chat! 

We played soccer and frescoball.

The weather was just perfect. The water was freezing!

We went for lunch and I felt the luckiest mom for having my two boys with me.

At night, Ruffin and I went to Cafe Epicure for dinner and for a stroll in downtown.

...and just like that we ended one more year...

Welcome 2019!

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