West Palm Beach - Memorial Day weekend - Part I

A couple of weeks ago when we went to the flower field in Mayaka Park, I wondered where the Clark Rd (road 72) would take us if we were to drive past Mayaka and keep driving.

Since the kids finished school on Friday we thought it would be nice to celebrate the end of the school year and we decided to go for a road trip to the other coast through Clark Rd.

We first went to West Palm Beach - that's where we spent the night. We strolled around their charming downtown area. We walked the famous Clematis Street and around City Place.

I had a brand new canon lenses that I was using for the first time, which explains all these pictures ;-)

I love walking and exploring new places.

It's so nice to see how these two are getting along. They can talk fo.re.ver!

We had lunch in two different restaurants. We stopped for ice creams and açaí bowl.

We found a couple of murals from the artist Eduardo Kobra

Back to our hotel room 

They always go for the waffles ;-)

I enjoyed SO much walking around West Palm Beach downtown!

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