Way back in the past...

I could not keep from posting these pictures that I found. Since I did not have this blog at that stage of our life I will start a new collection from the past.

It's totally ramdom, no chronological order or anything.

Gabe 2 years old - San Diego

2008in Virginia

2008 in Leila's house

Gabe - Las Flores, La Jolla

Coronado - 2005

Sea-world - San Diego

UTC Mall

La Jolla

At Sea world - 2006

Doyle Park

Las Flores

UTC Mall

Kaleilei - Virginia

Las Flores - La Jolla

2nd birthday celebrated with Lucas in San Diego

Palm Springs - 2005

Wind'sea - La Jolla

Palm Springs - 2006

La Jolla - 2006

Pregnant of Kalei - 2006

Virginia - 2007

Gabe and Sam

All of our photos are on a external hard-drive and right now I can't get them out! As soon as I do there will be more posts from the past.

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