Naples Soccer Tournament

After the soccer season was over and the kids had engaged in other sports like flag football and basketball, we were told about the opportunity to go to a Soccer Tournament in Naples. Gabriel didn't hesitate (neither did we). We wouldn't miss this fun weekend with dear friends!

Not all the kids were able to make it. We sure missed the ones that didn't go but we sure had tons of fun as well!

It was a great soccer season. I love being a soccer mom and truly enjoy the whole package that comes with a great deal of excitement, cheering, connecting, laughing, learning, appreciating, and making new friends.

The best part of a travel soccer team is watching the kids bonding with each other. Their excitement over staying in the same hotel was priceless. I would do it over and over again!

There is always a lesson to be learned out in the field. Sports are really good in showing them that we can't control life and that life is not always fair. But if you play with your heart (and live life from your heart) there will always be joy.

They won their first game by many goals and it was precious to witness each of their smiles. They were so happy and so proud of themselves.

They had a great time. Most often our lives come down to see our kids thrive and be happy. I think this weekend accomplished that.

We feel lucky to have such a nice soccer family. I enjoy each of the moms out there. I love to sit on the side line and relax/chat with these beautiful women.

My munchkin is a trooper. He finds treasures to dig everywhere he goes. I couldn't be more in love with his way of living life.

On Sunday after our last game we headed to Marco Island. We met with Dana, Alec, Zack and Evan.

It was a nice weekend! We made back home tired but happy and with loads of laundry to do.

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