Christmas 2013

This Christmas came way too fast. I wasn't ready for it. I didn't have the chance to warm up to it and it honestly didn't feel like Christmas in my heart or around here. It's kind of sad to say it when you have two boys that excitedly await Christmas to come every year.

But I made it happen. And I guess it went well. Low key and simple. 

I do love Christmas trees and the lights. I like waking up during the night and find the christmas tree shinning in my living room.

I do love this boy with all my heart.

Playing with the lights. You know, the Christmas tree comes out the box only once a year. So we better have some fun with it! 

We celebrated Christmas Eve with Simone's family. It was nice to have them over. The night went by smoothly and the kids had a good time together.

These two never left the room. It's so nice to see them playing and getting along so well. They are big boys and they like to be doing their cool stuff on their own.

The ladies ;-)

Beautiful girls. They are the nicest people to take pictures of.

Simone is the first friend I made in Sarasota. She is a gift from God. He knows how much I enjoy friends. Our friendship has grown during these past two and half years. So grateful for having her in my life.

On the 25th it was just the four of us. Of course Kalei being Kalei, he was on my bed by 7:00 with the warnings given to them the night before that we would not start earlier than 8:00. He was actually up at 6:00 and patiently waited to come in and get me. So adorable!

But getting daddy out of the bed is a whole different business. We all went to bed around 1:00am (mommy around 3:00am) and Gabe was still asleep by 8:00. So I explained to Kalei that we would have to wait for them. Well, it didn't go very well.

We ended up starting our Christmas morning more around 10:00am . If you knew Kalei you would understand when he said he had to wait an eternity to open his gifts!

Their biggest gift this year was the Xbox and the games. We finally entered the video game world.

Santa brought among other little things a wallet to each of the boys. They were thrilled to have some money to fill their wallets with. Thanks grandma and grandpa! 

They have been so much into the Rainbow Loom bracelets the last couple of months. So they got lots and lots of bands bags from grandma and grandpa and from Santa.

This is the only mess that I actually enjoy. The wrapping papers and boxes from opened gifts. I don't rush to clean them up.

Boy at work.

The day was spent looming new bracelets and playing Xbox. It was indeed a success. Dad was busy reading his 20 plus books he got for Christmas. And I was here and there taking it all in and with a grateful heart. God is good. He gives you what it takes even when you think you can't pull it through.

And just like this we spent Christmas of 2013.

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