A snapshot of our everyday life

This is the first soccer season that Kalei is playing in a competitive league for FC Sarasota. We were used to travel as a family for Gabe's games and tournaments but now we have to split separate ways to handle both kids.

It's a lot of juggling but a lot of fun as well.

Here are few pictures of Kalei's matches.

He's a happy kiddo in the field.

Sometimes it happens that Gabe doesn't have a game for the weekend and he can join us. It's a difficult task to make him watch his brother's game. He's always kicking a ball around!

Guess who's the mom that misread the email and picked the wrong uniform color for the game? It was supposed to be the blue jersey, white shorts and blue socks. Well, I got the socks part right, didn't I?!

Thankfully this boy doesn't mind at all. All good!


They like to play everyday for a little while after the bus drops them off from school.


The Cheesecake Factory is in Sarasota now!

The wait is long but we stayed around this time.

He didn't like when I said no more fries. Love that face!

Gabe got his new iPod today. He's been saving his money for it.

After a nice meal at Cheesecake Factory we went to watch Paddington as a family. I love to take the entire day to spend with my family


Reading time around our house.

Doing homework

I love to find him like this. He is doing math and counting with the help of his fingers without letting us see it.

While I was gone volunteering at the Art Center, Gabe and Kalei changed their room around. All by themselves. They moved heavy furniture into different corners of the room.

Look what I found!

Happy bath!

Gabe was so sweet to treat us all to a post-church 2nd breakfast.

One selfie, just so I can be in the blog sometimes. I want them to find mommy in these pages too.

Oh, I love the morning light in my kitchen.

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