Kalei's 1st Tournament and a look at one of his practices

Kalei  just finished his first competitive soccer season. We ended it with a tournament in Brandon.

It was such a joy to see his excitement. He played with a smile stamped on his face the whole time. They did very well as a team. Kalei played well and scored few gols. It's so much fun to watch these little persons full of life running around!

We had two teams in this tournament. Here is a picture of both of them.

Team gathering right before the warm up for their first game.

...and the game is on...

Water break. They played their first game with only one sub.

The team was: Shane, Paul, Kalei, Casper, Thomas, Luca and Adam. Jamie joined them for the second game.

Pos game gathering. Getting some encouragement and lessons from coach Kate.

We had a huge gap between the first and the second game. The first game was at 10:00am and the second game at 5:00pm. We decided to stick around instead of driving back home. 

We went to eat at Texas de Brazil and shop at the International Plaza Mall in Tampa.

This was their second game of the day. It was a fun one for them. They won 10x1.

He asked to play goalie and then complained about being bored. There was not much action on his side of the field ;-)

We drove all the way back to Brandon the next day. They only had one game to play on Sunday.

He was so happy when he scored! His celebratory and funny run was captured in pictures.

Getting their medals.

Kalei with Jamie.

The weekend was a success. Kalei enjoyed the tournament so much!


Practice at Tatum

...his tongue...

practing his rainbow moves


Of course, he is never done or tired when practice is over. He always begs to stay longer. The unfortunate thing is that we almost always have homework to do at home. But we do stay a little bit so they can kick some ball.

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