Kalei is 9!

It's a little late for this post but I want to have it here for my munchkin to remember!

Dear Kalei,

You are the light of my life. Your are so passionate about everything you do. I can't ever imagine life without you.

You are very intelligent, happy, funny, creative and sensitive. You fill any room with your energy and when you are not around it feels so empty.

You are into FiFA points and Pokemon cards. You love soccer. You are such a good player!

This is your first year at Pine View and you are doing great! You made so many friends.

You are still my picky eater. You almost live on snacks.

I can't stop loving you each day more and more.

Thanks for giving me the privilege of being your mom.




The night before your birthday, when you went to bed you told me: "mom, I will have to wake up early tomorrow cause you, dad and Gabe are singing happy birthday to me in bed, and Gabe goes to school earlier than I do"

I love that you spell out all of your expectations ;-)

For the last few years, cake, presents, and balloons are all in place for when you come back from school. And you.cannot.wait.to.get.home.and.open.your.presents!

Did I say that I love your expressions??!!

You got Pokemon cards, FIFA 365 album and a box of stickers and your Adidas tennis shoes.


Your party was on Feb 28, on Sunday.

We had your friends dropped off at home and then went bowling.

The friends that were here this year were - Gryffin and kaison from your school, then Andrew, Christian, Alex and Jordan from soccer. And of course Jonah!

We blew about 40 balloons and you guys had a balloon fight!

Did I say I love your expressions??!!

Kaison and Gryffin

Jordan, Alex, Christian and Andrew

After bowling we went back to our place for pizza and cake. We stayed at the club house area so you boys played some more outside.

Last but not least, time to open your gifts! Christian stayed later to trade soccer stickers with you guys.

As usual we embrace simplicity. It's not about quantity but quality. I think you truly enjoyed your party.

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