Hi there!

It's been such a long time...

Tonight I longed to see some of the pictures of our family and the memories we have made together. 

I had such a great delight to scroll through my blog and relive some of our best time.

How could I ever stop documenting our journey? Who will tell the story of our lives to my boys when they grow older and ask us about their childhood?

I hope to start writing more often here.

Please hold me accountable, would you?


This was the 2016 FC Sarasota CUP.

It took place on the weekend of April 22-24th.

All games this year were played at the Premier Sports Campus.

Gabe's team had a game on Friday and two games on Saturday.

Our goalie - Noah


Saturday games.

Coach Joe was with Gabe's team for this tournament.

Gabe's team did very well. They lost only their last game on PKs.


Kalei played with the usual Elite team and with coach DT.

Saturday game.

This is such an epic picture. Love it!

Sunday game.

It was a very hard competition for Kalei's team. They were playing very strong teams. He did very well!

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