Summer - 2016

Hi there!

Sad to say It's been a long time.
I compiled some of our 2016 Summer events in this post.

Unfortunately I took very few pictures this summer. 


Boys just having fun. They love to play tag around the clubhouse at our community.

Joshua, Gabe, Kaleilei, and Andrew

After much running around on a very hot summer day and getting all sweaty they love diving in the pool!

They played with Legos a lot this summer. I love that they still play with legos amidst our digital world. It feels so healthy to be disconnected from all devices! I don't know how long Gabe will still play with legos... 

it's bittersweet to see them growing so fast right before my eyes.

Both boys played in the summer league SuperY.

Below is our soccer trip to Daytona Beach.
Dinner with the team.

This first trip Gabe and I went with Lona. Gabe had a game in Orlando which we went as a family and from there we went to Daytona beach.

They won this game!


This was our second trip to the Miami area for soccer games. Both boys had games this weekend.

We first stayed near Hollywood Beach for their games and then took Sunday off to go to Miami.

Hollywood Beach

In the Hotel

Gabe, Ryan Kalei Kingston and Andrew

Gabe's game was first.

Kalei's game was played around 1:00pm. It was unbearably hot!

Olive Garden lunch with Lona and Ryan.

In one of the weekends Ryan made the trip back home with us. We found Fuddruckers at Pembroke Pines. We haven't been into one since we moved to Florida!

Then of course we stopped to watch the gators.


We did a lot of bowling this summer!

Lots of sleepovers...

Just because...

Very little reading took place this summer...

Tunned in and out

Our Miami trip.

Miami Beach

We decided to stay one more night in Miami. Spur of the moment decision.

Our view from our Hilton Hotel in downtown Miami.

Our view from the pool.

Fourth July

We wanted to do something different this year. We drove to Tampa but our plans didn't really fall through. So we ended up back in Sarasota and watched the fireworks at the Marina Jack.

Visiting with Paula, Mathew and Noah. It had been about three years since we last saw them. 
It was such a nice day!

More legos.

Just being...

A walk at Nathan Benderson park

Super Y game at Twin Lakes. They played under a big storm.

Kalei's Super Y team

Antonio, Thoma, Mathew, Luca, Jack, Kingston, Alonzo, David, Kaleilei and Andrew

...and that's it for now...

See you soon!

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