Recollection Post: 4th July - 2017

Ok, I know I have been at this place before, where I try to restart blogging and don't really succeed for very long because life happens. It's too sad for me, as I love photography and documenting my family's life. As i was cleaning up my iMac, going through all my 25,000 plus pictures, I realized how precious this blog of mine has been over the years to me, as a place to relive the best moments of our crazy but beautiful lives.

I could pick up from today's moments on but it would be heartbreaking to leave too many moments and special holidays out. So I will be recollecting from our biggest events/vacations, and unfortunately not from our daily lives, as it would be too much to catch up on. I will name these posts "Recollection Posts"

I also indulged myself with a new blog look, created by pipdig

So here we go. Cheers to another attempt!


As I explained above, I am trying to do a little catching up, therefore these recollection posts will be populated way more with pictures than words, as I don't remember the details of it all.

 We went to Marina Jack for our 2017 4th July

I had SO much fun with my camera

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