Soccer Practices

You probably can tell by my posts lately that soccer season is in full swing. 

Kalei has actually not even started his league games and Gabe is half way done and getting ready to the high school tryouts.

Tuesday Practice

I am so much enjoying to be out there photographing again. 

I was working full time for the past two years and didn't touch my camera very often.

Kalei's team versed the U15 girls and they did very well. So far I like that his coach is always looking for opportunities to play a game with other teams.

Wednesday Practice

Today they versed the U13's. Actually they mixed it up. The kids love to scrimmage and they always have so much fun!

Thursday Practice

Today they scrimmage with the other U13's team

Kalei loves the game of soccer and he is always eager for his practices. This boy has tons of energy and beams with joy.

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