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A letter to my dear family and friends:

There is suffering around the world. There is poverty around the world. There is war around the world. And I have been unquiet for quite a while about wanting to do something to help. I know I cannot change everything but I do know I can make a difference and even a tiny difference will make my heart feel at peace. Life is not easy and it will never be. But deep in my heart I know that many people bear a much harder life than I do.

I have two children and am not able to help in a more direct way. So I decided to look for a cause to support. There are plenty of organizations that are doing good work around the world, but I chose one that touched my heart. charity: water. And why water? Because it is such a basic need yet nearly 1 billion people don’t have access to safe, clean drinking water! Thousands of people and mostly Kids are dying every day from drinking unsafe water.

Instead of just donating this time, I decided to go one step further. I created my own campaign to raise $500 and from this amount 100% will go directly to build wells in developing countries. Honestly I wish I could raise much more but I need a little confidence first. So I would love if you join me in this effort.

To donate visit my blog at and click on the link Give Water and once in my campaign page if you wish you can click on the tab charity : water to learn more about this non-profit organization. I am sure your heart will ache. Your heart will also long to help!

Thanks for your consideration,


Obrigada a cada um de vocês por considerar juntar-se à mim nessa campanha.

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