Spring Break

It's our spring break! A whole week without routine. No need to get out of the bed early, to rush, or to drive around. No practices, no homework, and no stress.

Just one big thing : our allergies are kicking off, bad, bad allergies! But I chose not to dwell over them here.

We are avoiding outdoor places like parks and everywhere else. But the fun is not over!

We went to the theaters on Monday and Tuesday to watch RIO and HOP. On Tuesday we went with Mariana and her troop (for the record, the kids liked Hop better! In my opinion Rio is the winner). And we have been visiting bookstores and ice-cream shops. Not bad, huh?!

That's what my house looks like these days!

Many choices!

What a treat! It was simply delicious.

Don't you love Olivia?!

The tooth finally came out. Thooth fairy left $5 under his pillow.

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