Jennifer and Sam

We started off well this holiday break. We had a special visit from my dear Canadian friend - Jennifer and her son - Sam.

Gabe and Sam have known each other since they were two. They were close buddies and got along very well. We used to switch every week by dropping our kids off at each other's house. Gabe got to know her house first after his own.

Back in San Diego, we did tons of beach time together. We did many trips to the zoo. We went often to parks. We walked miles along the beach, and bay, and the neighborhood after we dropped the kids off at school. She helped me through my pregnancy when the rough time knocked. And we confided in each other and had nice conversations along the way.

She's been a good friend. It's easy to spend quality time with her. I am so very happy she came to visit with us. It was short but surely fun!

We all had a great time together. We went to the beach. Jennifer and I took a long walk. We got to chat and catch up with each other. We went out for dinner and ice-cream. We had wine. We spent a morning at a park by the water.

We never felt we had guests. They just blended in beautifully. Sam and Gabe got along so well. It was a perfect short time together!

Our drive to the airport was hard. Hard to let her go. Hard not to know when we'll see each other next. I am not good at saying good-byes.

Thanks Jennifer for your wonderful surprise to come and visit us. I hope we'll see each other soon.

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