Our 2011 New Year's holiday week

After the Soares family left we needed a couple of days to recoup from short nights of sleep, to prepare the house for our next guests, to replenish our refrigerator and to catch up with vacation homework.

We intentionally took notice of each other. Because when we have guests the whole dynamics of our family is disintegrated. In a very good way. Everyone is just so busy enjoying their friends and taking in as much as possible.

(We were even able to squeeze Nicholas birthday party in our schedule.)

And we were ready again! Ready to start having fun with our next guests.

My boys were counting the hours. On the day of their arrival they sat by the window sill and pressed their noses tightly against the glass. They couldn't wait any longer, neither could I.

And finally we were all together. Of course our first destination was the beach, but first we had to catch up just a little.

Rita for me is like my most comfortable piece of clothing. The one you always wear when you want to feel cozy.

We always jump right in. We pick up right where we left off.. It's almost like no time has passed since we saw each other last. Except that I miss her.

It was cold! The coldest day since we moved to Florida. Did it stop us from going to the beach? nah.

We sat on the sand and caught up a little more. If you leave Rita and I alone together we can talk forever. I mean it. For.ever!

The next day it was still cold. So we went to Mayaka Park. That's what we do well with this family. We all like to be on the go. Sometimes in a little different paces :-)

It was fun (the boys cannot have enough of each other) and Rita and I kept on catching up.

The weather was graciously warming up. Little by little. That's Florida babe. My friends are here from DC. They deserve it.

Just a quick snapshot of the cars in the parking lot.

The next day...the sky was blue, the sun was shining and the wind was still. Nice and warm. It was definitely beach time!

Dec 31st. It's very special to end the year in company of  good friends.

Rita and I took a long walk. I had the water caressing my feet and Rita looked for shells to bring home. We caught up with each other a little more :-) Can we ever be caught up?

Conversing with her is just so darn good. The husbands handled the kids. For how long?

That's how I felt after a day at a beautiful beach, gorgeous weather, in company of a very good friend.
I love spending time with her. She totally gets me.

Last sunset of 2011.

We definitely made memories to last a lifetime.

Our New Year's night was perfect. We chose a nice restaurant/bar by the water (Marina Jack). A good reggae/salsa band was playing. We danced. We celebrated. We were happy.

Kalei and Enzo slept through it all. It was the first time I was out and had my little munchkin sleeping on the bench while his mama had fun. Thanks Rita for encouraging us to go out that night . It was very worthy! It was a nice way to transition to 2012.

We made it to the circus. My kids had cotton-candy for the first time. Now that I am looking back It was magical. (and I didn't have my camera with me. my eyes were capturing every detail. so much to be photographed!)

So thanks Rita for these two pictures.

Rita, Scott, Pedro and Enzo - we had a great time with you guys. We enjoyed having you over. So nice to watch our kids so happy with each other. They could not stand to be apart. We'll miss you.

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