Life and kids

Kalei is so passionate

It's so much fun to tune into him and experience life through his eyes. He's always full of energy and lives his days with so much enthusiasm.

I can't say enough how much he enjoys his friends.

A stroll in the neighborhood with kalei

When he eats his snack/treat the world can come to an end and he would not realize.

As soon as i get my camera out he freezes into this smile. Sure is not what i am going for but how can't i love it?!

He's been into smurfs lately. This t-shirt is size four, a little too small for him, but he begged me to buy it! It was so worthwhile only to see his happiness.

I hear one-thousand-four-hundred-fifty-three questions per day that he demands an answer.

Oh, i love the blue sky of florida!

Last Sunday we went to pick Gabriel, Melissa and Amanda up for a trip to the ice-cream shop...

...and a walk to the beach.

The sunset was breath-taking.

It was a nice way to finish one more week. Back to full-swing tomorrow.

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