Circus Poem

Gabriel wrote a fun circus poem. His poem was chosen to represent Laurel-Nokomis, his school, in the Annual Sarasota County Poetry Contest. We attended the Annual Finalists Reception at Pine View.

We went to the circus twice over the winter break. We never know when we will harvest the fruit that we sow in their lives. I am so glad to see that our circus adventures may have inspired him somehow.

He was very nervous to read his poem on the stage for an audience, but like always he has enough determination to overcome challenges. I love that about him!

Gabe with his teacher, Mr. Laessig. He's been a positive influence on Gabriel. His care and support has taken Gabe one step further.

Here is a video of Gabe reading his poem:

A Circus Poem
by Gabriel Crozat

The circus is a lot of fun
I like to watch with everyone.

The acrobats jump and flip like spider-man.
The trapeze artists fly as high as they can.

The clowns have silly red noses.
The high-wire walkers balance on the tips of their toes-es.

The jugglers can juggle 10 dolls and 10 balls.
The unicycle riders go and never make any falls.

The jumpers leap on a trampoline shaped like a ring.
The choral members use their nice voices to sing.

I love when it is circus time.
And I made this poem rhyme!

We are very proud of you, Gabe!

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