Mother's Day

this mother's day i celebrated the two little people that call me MOM. the two precious boys that made my dream of being a mother come true.

they are my true inspiration in life. they give me the strength to be a better person. they rock my boat and constantly awaken me to the beauty of life.

i don't think there is any more important and rewarding job than being a mother.

the role of a mother is filled with challenges, sacrifices, questions, doubts, and pain, but above all things is filled with unconditional love, and for this reason alone i completely love being a mother. motherhood brings you joy, happiness, purpose, laughter, tears, worthiness, gratitude,contentment, and the wonderful chance to watch your kids growing before your eyes, to notice their personality shaping over time and the chance to see life once again through the perspective of a child.

i love to be part of this precious circle of life. i feel grateful to be called mom.

so i sucked in every minute of this day. along the way i made memories that will last a lifetime and in doing so i had so much fun. i was a happy!

my husband brought me flowers and cooked breakfast. yummy pancakes.

that was a nice way to start the day.

my true gift for mother's day was to be the photographer of this beautiful family all day long. i have only one day out of the year (maybe two) to have my wish granted! :-)  so i spent my day behind the lens capturing my two precious boys and my dear husband.

...and the clic-clic-clic of a camera started the moment we set our feet out the door...

we headed to lido beach. always a fun place to be. it was hot and humid. welcome florida summer!

it was a very bright day and the sun reflecting on the pearl white sand  made everyone squint.

a stranger kindly offered to take our picture

then we went for a stroll at burns court. i love the colors of the buildings in those streets.

through out the day i was overwhelmed with gratitude. i am responsible to care, love, raise, teach, and nurture these two boys. one day they may be the ones responsible for the lives of their own little kids.

there is nothing more beautiful than witnessing life unfolding for my kids. it's always nice to contemplate what the future holds for them.

...and before we went for lunch we made a stop at the toy lab store...more colors!

as usual i go around and find the little hidden treasure in every corner of the shop. nobody is in any rush to leave this place.

we finally left for lunch. olive garden had a 45 minutes wait so we decided to go to siesta downtown. not a bad choice at all! actually another nice surprise.

while waiting on our food...

after we had filled our tummies with good food we went for our regular walk to the beach. it's becoming our thing, seriously! it can't go any better...

...and of course Big O'laf...

i feel proud to be the mother of two kids that i can call my own. it was a perfect day.

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