4th July - 2012

We are on July 16 already! Where did the time go??? I have taken up on a few projects on our new home and have been busy as a bee. And...tomorrow we are heading to California.

I've been missing my camera...

This is our second fourth July in Sarasota. Last year was just perfect. This year we decided to join another family- the Bizarros - and celebrate at Legoland. It was fun for the kids :-) The firework was very nice. They gave away 3D glasses to wear and the kids were all excited watching lego bricks exploding in the air.

with John Luke and Ricky

We had plans to spend most of our day in the water park but it was closed most of the day because of lightning in the area (no rain at all!)

So instead we spent just a couple of hours...

Super Heroes Lego Station

More lego guys for their collection - they have been so much into legos lately!

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