San Diego Part I

After two weeks in San Diego and a very long day of travel, we finally returned home.  Twelve hours of waiting in airports, boarding flights, squeezing in airplane seats, and trying hard not to spill drinks on clothing helped us to appreciate driving home on a beautiful and empty freeway at midnight, with the windows open to feel the awesome Florida weather.  We arrived home at 1:00 in the morning.

I have to say that one of the best parts of a vacation is coming back home. Especially when our home is still very new to us!

We had a good time visiting with family, friends and places. It was priceless to watch how happy Gabe and Kalei were to be with grandma and grandpa. Those moments spent together will be forever treasured in their little hearts.


We had places in mind that we wanted to visit and we checked every single one from our list. Yeah!

The first spot we hit it was the beautiful - La Jolla - my favorite place in San Diego. I lived there with my sister and have wonderful memories of that time.

California has a very unique beauty. So different from tropical places yet so enchanting. So different from Florida.

Oh boy, how much I used to bike through these streets...

Windansea beach in La Jolla - a famous beach for surfing

I used to walk/jog so often along this shore. This place was so much part of my life before and after I got married.

Here is the view from the place where Ruff and I got married.

Then we took the boys to where we used to live before we moved to DC - La Jolla UTC. Gabe remembered and guided us to our last home. Kalei had a tour for the first time and had 1,437 questions to ask about it.

This is the grass area where I would come almost everyday to spend some time with Gabe and  friends.

When Gabe was just a baby, Ruff and I used to lay a big beach towel under this tree, bring books and toys for Gabe to play with, and just enjoy the sun and relax.

This place holds so many memories of our life in the beginning of our parenthood.

How could we not come down for a walk everyday? It was just our backyard!


There are no words to describe how beautiful - inside and out -  this family is.

We are very lucky to always stay with them for few days when we visit San Diego. They always welcome us with an open heart.

Cathy is the best host a person can have. She makes you feel at home. She makes you feel special and loved.  She does everything with so much grace. She's very generous. She's present.

We look up to her as a example of a loving parent, educator and friend. She has taught us more than she will ever know.

She continues to touch our hearts in a special way.

Thanks Elliot, Cathy, Elyssa and Maura for opening your door once again for us. We had the best time with you guys! We love you.

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  1. Amo ver vocês, suas fotos!!! Que gostoso rever este lugar que estivemos por algum tempo. Que gostoso!!!! San Diego é nós, eu e você!!!


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