San Diego Part III

The last but not the least of our vacation pictures from San Diego.

Sea Port Village - a place we often went with friends. We made wonderful memories here.

The weather in San Diego was great. The day time temperature was perfect and, as usual, cool in the afternoon.

I could spend all day just walking around. I never get enough of this place. But now our kids are older and they find walks to be boring.

I love the shops and the energy of this place. We are surrounded by water everywhere. San Diego is so blue all around.

If I could freeze these moments forever...

I could stay here for hours...

...and Ruffin could stay here for hours.

Coffee & Books


These are the Crozat kids.

This is the Crozat family :-)

Mom and dad, thank you for making this trip possible for us. The time we spent all together was precious. If the walls of your kitchen could speak, they would say: "these people know what love is about, what matters most in life, and that laughing is really good for the soul"  So many special moments we shared together.

Mom, I am glad to have you in my life to share my happiness and my heartaches. Thanks for always being there for me.

This is the first time we met Jessa. The only girl among the Crozat kids. She's so sweet.

These two are so much alike. Like father, like son.


Old Town - the birthplace of California. It's a journey into the mexican period of San Diego history.

Isn't a moment like this one worth a thosand words?

Double happiness. It makes my heart so happy to know that I call them my own.

The most charming candy store I ever visited! The chocolates are delicious.

The best coconut ice-cream is found here in a tiny little shop.

Elyssa, thanks for meeting us on this crazy, hot day. It was short but nice. We'll miss you.

His favorite thing in life - lollipops.

Mom & dad we love you! Come visit us soon.

San Diego, we love you too! We hope to see you again soon.

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  1. Uau, lindas fotos!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lugares lindos, vc deve ter se divertido com tantas cores...
    E Crozat kids? How wanderful family!!!!
    Que saudades, amo vcs!!!


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