A weekend

School is back. We have set into a new routine. Soccer has taken off, as well as swimming. And life has a new busy swing.

The new lifestyle has been shaping my days slowly. I find myself with more time than I ever had in the last 9 years. I am hoping to be productive with this extra time. But enjoying the freedom that it brings.

Last Saturday Gabe's team had their first friendly soccer match. It's a warm-up for the season that will open in November. It was very fun to watch. Not that we keep the scores :-) but Gabe was so excited for the winning game.

Since school is back we haven't gone to the beach as a family. So it was very nice to enjoy the wonderful weather and the still warm water this past Sunday.

We dragged our chairs all the way into the water, so our feet could be caressed by the gentle waves of the Gulf. Oh, what a life!

Duty called us to leave the beach earlier than we wished. But it was energizing. Good, good way to start a new week.

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