My little artist

Lately I've found Kalei so absorbed with his drawings. I find him at the kitchen table, at his desk, on the floor, everywhere that he can lay a piece of paper.

I love that I have another artist in my house. He's become such a passionate little person. And his passion found its way into drawing and coloring.

I really should organize his drawings and post them some time here like I did for Gabe once (and should do it again too!) .

I've been enjoying this munchkin of mine so much these days. I wish I could freeze time just for a moment.

He does not like the camera and these are the only times when I can click-click away without being noticed much. I love how his fingers are always dirty with markers.

Kalei loves school, takes it very seriously. He loves legos and drawing :-) He's been swimming. He still sucks his thumb when he goes to bed and lays down on his nemo. And I cherish this moment. It's the last babyish thing left for me to enjoy.

Please, please don't grow-up too fast!

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