Randoms moments + FC Soccer Tournament

I love this freeway. I enjoy this drive so much! I love the blue water surrounding these bridges.

We went to Tampa, International Plaza. We ate at Cheese Cake Factory. It was so nice to be in a big city, in a big mall, and dine in one of our favorite restaurants.

Since we moved to Sarasota, our life has been much simpler. We turned our attention to the ocean, beach, sunsets and blue skies. It's been a tremendous shift from our life in Washington DC. We all appreciate the change so much.

There is not much shopping to be done. No jackets, trench coats, boots, scarves, gloves. We wear tank tops almost all year long. There is not a rat race everyday. We take time to stroll at the beach, to go to an ice-cream shop, to watch my son playing soccer, to ride our bikes. I can say that this is the life we were looking for to live. We are in it now!

I am proud to call this man my husband. He works so hard to give us this beautiful life.


One Saturday, after Gabe's basketball, we rushed to Crowley Park to catch the end of what was supposed to be An Earth Day Celebration Event. We were trying to check one of the "to do activities" of a project Gabe is doing for school.

There was nothing much to be found there. So we went ahead and connected with the nature.


FC Soccer Tournament - 2013. Always so much fun!

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