Georgia - National Soccer Camp

I am very proud to say that Gabe was invited to take part in a National Soccer Camp in Georgia. It took us by surprise because he had to miss the i.d camp prior to a National Camp due to being sick.

We didn't hesitate before deciding to make a family vacation trip out of this long drive from Florida to Georgia.

It took us 11 hours to get to our hotel room. We made a few stops. for lunch. for coffee. for bathrooms. for ice-cream. for dinner. for coffee again.

The ride was smooth. The kids were great!

This motel was near one of our stops.

The kids are always excited to see our room. Who is going to slide the key and open the door? Who is going to sleep with whom? I sleep with mommy. I sleep with daddy. Nope, mommy sleeps with daddy.

They spread their animal toys everywhere, marking their territory. Yes, they do bring actual toys. They also bring the iPad, iPod, and laptop. It's all good.

We got ourselves clean and cozy. 

The next morning we went to downtown, had lunch and dropped Gabe off at the national camp, where he would stay for three nights and four days. Sleeping in dorms again. This was the first time that just the three of us stayed in a hotel room.

The camp was held at Darlington school in a small city called Rome. What beautiful scenery!
Gabe was beyond excited. This was his second time in a sleep - away camp. His first time was at USF soccer camp in Tampa for four nights. This same summer.

Here is his space. He shared a room with Nevin and Dorian.

His FC Sarasota friends.


The first day we stayed around and went to see his practices. The second day we ventured to Atlanta.

We went to the Georgia Aquarium. Only to find out that Kalei prefers to spend time in the hotel room. Seriously?!

We paid a fortune (not really) to spend a little over an hour checking the water creatures.

Daddy hanged out at a coffee place with his laptop and work. When Kalei begged to leave the aquarium we went for a walk to see what Atlanta is about.

The centennial olympic park was closed so we had to go around it.

I ate the best burrito in years. Baja fresh. Never really cared about this place while living in SD and later in VA. But tasted like heaven!

We got back in Rome early enough for me to go out and explore. I went solo. Only me and my camera. Kalei stayed with daddy and facetimed with Ryan for almost all the time that I was gone.

I found this place. Berry College. The largest campus in the world. So beautiful! I spent 3 hours just driving and walking around.

Before I headed back to the hotel I stopped to kiss Gabe goodnight. Darlington school is also a beautiful campus. So serene and peaceful. 

I never experienced anything like this growing up. Hopefully Gabe realizes how blessed his life is.

So here are few pictures of the campus where Gabe was lodged.

Last day of the camp. We all went to watch the last drills and for the closing ceremony.

A picture with all The FC Sarasota players that attended the National Camp.

After the closing ceremony, we were all packed, checked out of our hotel room and ready to hit the road again. 

It took us 11 hours again to be at our home sweet home.

When we wake up tomorrow we will have a nice surprise waiting for us. A full day to visit with Leila, Aluísio, Sophia e Lucas.

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