Summer of 2015

Today is the first day of the 2015 school year! Gabe is starting middle school at Laurel Nokomis and Kalei is starting 3rd grade at Pine View. New school for Kalei. Now I have my boys at different schools and slightly different schedules.

I can't believe that summer vacation is over :-(

I really enjoy the carefree lifestyle during summer days and I like having the kids at home. This summer was a blur...

Here are some pictures of our 2015 summer vacation.


In June Gabe went for the second time to the USF Residential Soccer Camp.

This year a lot of his FC Sarasota teammates joined him!

He roomed with Nevin for the third time.

All the FC boys.

 (Colin, Luke, Jonah, Evan, Zack,Gabe, Nathan, Ryan, Noah, and Nevin)

We only went once to watch one of Gabe's games but it was cancelled because of rain.


Joshua stayed with us for three days. The boys were very excited!

We went bowling a lot this summer. First time was with Joshua.


We actually didn't go to the beach as much as I would have liked. The boys like to go only if they have friends to be with.

But the few times we did go to Siesta it was just perfect.


The boys went to a few beach runs at Siesta.


Beach with Jonah.

Sweet Frog again. Boy we did lots of ice-cream this summer!

Playing FIFA.


Kalei lost his two front teeth this summer. In this picture he still has one wobbly tooth.

He got a new hair do.


Our only trip as a family this summer was in July to Ichetucknee Springs State Park for River Tubbing.

It was our first time and it was fun and relaxing.

We stayed at Lake City, about 3 hours from Sarasota. Nothing to do in this city besides the river tubing.

No words.

Nemo still exists.


We decided to go to Orlando on our way back from Lake City to pick up my brother and Amanda at the airport. They arrived on July 12.

We are so excited to have them visiting with us! It's their first time in the US.

We stopped at Disney Downtown for lunch and to walk around since we had time before we headed to the airport.

We surprised them. They were not expecting us to pick them up.

 what a surprise!!! The boys met Kaká at the Orlando Airport. He was in the same flight as my brother.

The boys were happy beyond words!

We went out for dinner with my brother and Amanda and dropped them at their hotel. We will be back to pick them up on Saturday, July 18 and they will stay with us until the 29th.

The boys were so excited to pick up Amanda. We stopped a Florida Mall on our way back home.

Ice-cream time

Sunday was our first day at the beach with my brother! The weather was great! 

The week before was raining so much!

The boys got along very well with Amanda, especially Gabe.

Reading time.

More ice-cream.

We went bowling.

We drove them through Casey Key and Nokomis beach.

And the last day unfortunately arrived. I don't like to say good-byes.


Last day of their 3v3 Camp at the Premier Sports Camp.

Beach time! Only the three of us. I love to be with the boys alone. We wish daddy could join us.

That stubborn tooth...


Oh, they played animals again this summer. Its bittersweet to think that it may be the last year Gabe plays with his animals. He is a big boy! I was so happy to see them building the Safari again!


They did three weeks of Graham's Soccer Camp this summer.

Kalei with his teammates.

 (Kalei, Mossi, Jamie, Antonio, Jose and Christian)


Brain freezer time.

Kalei with Matthew.

The whole camp.

Gabe's teammates.

(Jaxson, Nathan, Noah, Tyler, Jonah, Gabe, Ryan, Alex)

Sleepover playdate with Nevin.

We sold Ruffin's car!!! The Toyota Echo 2003.

The boys enjoyed the pool so much this vacation. They went to the pool with so many of their friends! Amanda, Ryan, Jonah, Nevin, Joshua, Matthew, Christian and the two alone.

Bowling was the other activity they did often this summer.

At Olive Garden, celebrating our two new cars.

It was a nice summer. The kids played tons of FIFA on their iPods and Xbox. Watched new show on Netflix. They did some reading and work.

Now we will be busy falling back into our routine.

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