San Antonio - Click|Away Conference

In October of 2015 I attended the Click|Away Conference in San Antonio, Texas. It was probably the biggest thing I've ever done for myself since I've become a mom.

It was organized by an online community of photographers called Clickin Moms.

I arrived the day before the conference, October 7. It felt like a long break. So recharging!

Click Away is a three-day photography event where you meet professional photographers as well as hobbyists. A place to talk about what we love most, photography.

This year the Click|Away was held in San Antonio at the Marriott River Center. I had 4 days all for myself and a room to relax and sleep on my own!

There were about 1,200 photographers, which includes instructors and attendees. Most of us women and moms. It was very inspirational.

I stayed at the Marriott and spent most of my free time walking around the River Walk. The San Antonio River Walk is the most charming and lively network of restaurants and stores situated along the San Antonio River. It's located beneath the streets of Downtown San Antonio. 

I walked around the downtown streets just once since the River Walk was so entertaining.

There are a few entrances to get you down to the River Walk from the streets of downtown.

Once you are down by the river, the magic begins.

These river boats take you on a tour along San Antonio River Walk.

One cool thing about the event was that Canon being one of the sponsor, was lending whatever lenses you wish to try for a whole day! For free!

I had a chance to borrow the wide angle Canon EF 11-24mm f/4L and the EF 85mm f/1.2.

It was so much fun to shoot with those lenses!

On one of my breaks I went with Lori to The Alamo

On Saturday I went on a field trip to San Antonio Botanical Garden. It was ok but honestly Sarasota Botanical Garden is more beautiful.

I had one hands-on shooting session with the photographer Jackie Jean Acosta. We went to Mission San Jose.

She brought a gorgeous family to model for us. Here are a few pictures I took of them.

This was another hands-on session with the photographer Lauren Sanderson. Unfortunately it was raining and we had to improvise indoor. I was a little sad since I only had two hands-on sessions during this event.

I feel very blessed to have such a wonderful husband to take over the boys and allow me to go and do what I love.

It was a wonderful treat!

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