Kalei at Pine View - 2015

Kalei started Pine View this year! 
He is so happy and has made new friends. He did really well his first quarter and he is in the middle of his second one.

I am so glad to have the chance to be involved with school activities. His teacher welcome us in the classroom and has given us many chances to participate in school projects and parties.


Their first event was the celebration of one of the books they read in class - The Chocolate Touch.
So it was a chocolate party! Oh Kalei did enjoy it.

Gryffin and Kalei

Mrs. Bradly, Kalei, Wesley and Jack

At the playground with Gryffin.

Picking up the balloons at Publix for the Pine View Fair

One of Mrs. Bradly's booth. Valerie put so much work into it. It was a big success.

Kalei has absolutely no trouble having fun! Boy, this kid has so much energy.

 Gryffin, Sam and Kalei

With his classmates - Gryffin, Lia and Sam

Getting his hair colored

It was such a fun day at the fair. Gabe also was there with Jonah and Nevin.

Book Fair 


The four Musketeers - Kalei, Gryffin, Kaison and Sam.

With Lia and Brena

Pine View field trip to Crystal Springs Preserve in Tampa - a preserve devoted to environmental education and dedicated to the preservation of Florida's natural environment. They also have two Spring System, discharging 30 million gallons of water per day. Zephyrhills pumps their water from here.

Sam, Edan and Kalei

Kalei is always ready to answer questions!

Going crazy with Kaison ;-)

Mrs. Bradly's 3rd grade Class.

Asia Animal Project

Kalei's Cheetah 

Pine View Parade

The students had to choose a homophone, homograph, or compound word as their costume. Kalei chose spider-man, of course. But he could not just wear a spider-man costume. He had to create his own.

Note: Kalei never sits down. Ever! Even in class.

Thanksgiving Celebration.

It has been such a great year so far. Kalei adjusted so quickly and well.

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