Fall has arrived

Note: My computer just came back from the clinic (Best Buy) after being there for almost a week. It is insane how extremely hard it was to be without it! :-)  So this post, that I had started before I dropped off this baby, is from the weekend of October 8/9.

***warning: it may be one of my longest posts***

When I lived in Northern Virginia, Fall used to be my favorite season. I enjoyed to watch the leaves changing colors, falling from the trees, and accumulating under our feet. All the nature's color displayed in full splendor. The weather switching from hot and humid to pleasant and cool.

Now that I am in Florida not much takes place in nature when autum arrives. Everything is pretty much green all year long around here. (I am far from complaining but I certainly will miss the beauty of fall in Virginia.)

But one thing is the same here and there - the punpkins, the festivals, and the fun. And boy! we did have fun this weekend, and this is just the beginning...

I couldn't lift it off the ground.

Neither could Kalei



all home-made

Crossing over the bridge from downtown to st armand's circle.

We visited the fire prevention week festival

There is something about horse's eyes that i like...

Every Saturday now Ruffin and I split to take the boys to soccer games. Same game scheduled time and different leagues. This Saturday I took Gabe.

Have an extraordinary week!

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