Naples - Thanksgiving 2011

We decided to go away for Thanksgiving this year. We chose Naples to spend the holiday weekend. Ruffin doesn't get many days off and when he does we gotta do something special! We have been wanting to take this trip since we moved to Florida. Naples is known for its pristine beaches and its fancy dining, art galleries and shops.

We love it!

The weather was gorgeous around 80F everyday. Is it really November?! We checked in at our hotel, the kids wanted to swim at the pool and then we headed out to the city.

First destination - the beach!  Are we ever gonna get tired of the beach?!

The kids enjoyed playing with these fish brought out by this fisherman. Kalei was picking them up and throwing them back on the ocean, and me?! i pretended i didn't see it. (I am sure they are happier back in the salty water, out of that bucket!)

We spent some good time at 5th Ave. The nights here are so beautiful! All the Christmas lights make it even more special.  sorry - no night shots :-(

I love the feeling of being in a new place. I love not having plans or schedules. Just going out and about to explore the town. Strolling in its beautiful streets, checking the beach out and relaxing.

There is so much green in this place.So fresh and alive!

just so i remember that Christmas was around the corner...  :-)

We had a nice family Thankgiving dinner out. It was a perfect night.

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