Sarasota Chalk Festival - 2011

Big street painting!

It was a very cool event. They came from different parts of the world and spent a week painting the pavement of Pineapple Av. Check it out here!

I had a chance to chat with some of the artists and follow their work throughout the week. They basically spent all day for a week on the asphalt. And the final result was beautiful!

This is a brazilian artist - Kobra It was very nice to have him representing Brazil in the Chalk Festival! He's done beautiful paintings through the city of São Paulo and many other places around the world. He told me it was his first time working with chalk.

Here it is - 3-D street painting done by Kobra.

This is the work of Kurt Wenner He's a very prestigious artist.

The festival had about 200,000 people visiting.

Kalei really enjoyed this one. He had me reading this book to him a thousand times!

And of course, this was Gabe's favorite - cheetahs.

Don't rush through this one. It's a really fun 3-D painting.

This 3-D Lego was one of the biggest hits in this event. It's truly amazing to see how it was done. It took a week for them to finish.

I love this part of downtown - Burns Square. It's absolutely charming!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures. We did have fun visiting the event.

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