Our Spring Break

In Florida, Spring Break is two weeks earlier than in DC. We had our spring break the week before last - March 12-16    yes, i am that behind... 

I am still getting used to the different school calendar. I am reminded of it because most of my dear friends are still in the DC area. So it would be fun for the holidays to coincide and have them visiting us more often  :-)

We did a lot fun outings with friends. We were missing the beach can you believe it??? so we did go to the beach a lot! It was an adventure getting there - so much traffic and the beach was very crowded!!! It was all new for us because this is our first spring in Sarasota. (Not the best time to visit Siesta Key if you plan to come to Sarasota.)

Gabe with Luke Schroeter 

On Friday Ruffin took half of the day off and we went to South Lido beach. It was only our second time there. It's simply gorgeous.

It was a good way to escape the crowd. So peaceful!

I even went for a walk! Usually I am with the kids and friends at the beach and we are all busy watching them.

We went to St Armand's Circle for lunch and ice-cream.

And of course there was a trip to the Lab Toy store. More schleich animals.

While they take their time to make up their minds which ones they will bring home, I go around and find the cutest, funnest toys - the ones they don't want to bring home with them even if i try to persuade them :-)

Cotton-candy clouds sky

It was so nice to be out of the routine. We took one day at time. I can't wait for summer vacation!

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