Random moments

The weather has been very nice in the last few days. Here are some events and outings we did last week.

Mini-golf. It was fun. Kalei was spinning his club all around! Dangerous zone to be near him. Gladly it was not crowded.


Run-a-thon in Gabe's school. We went out to support him.

Cheering for his brother.

11 laps - almost 3 miles.

Gabe did run like a cheetah!  :-)


As soon as I put any decor out that's what I find few minutes later. Maybe if I had any girls I would find some flowers?!

Kalei and I have a game we play in the mornings before his school. As he's getting ready I say with a very serious voice: "Kalei, let's do it right today, we are late and don't have time to waste, ok?!" Then he gets dressed in this way. He loves it and it doesn't get old for him.

Camping in their bedroom.

I had the girls one morning at home. Too bad Kalei was in school.


We went to the beach on Friday! Oh my gosh, it was crazy how long it took me to get there. It usually takes about 15 minutes and this time took us 40 minutes. The traffic started all the way from the bridge crossing over to the island, to the parking lot!

But, oh boy!, it was worthy every minute of our time!


Driving around I noticed all the birds lined up on the power lines. I could not resist from taking a picture...


Few night shots I managed to get.

Well, I guess that was it. We have an exciting weekend coming up. I'll post all about it soon.

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