The end of rec soccer season

Last weekend gabe had games on saturday and sunday. It was the last weekend of the season, and it may be the last rec season for gabe!

On sunday it was the world cup style and gabe's team was spain. It was a very nice game and they tied. Gabe's team never lost a game this season!  :-)  Not that this is all important in the rec leagues, but gabe keeps track of it and he gets all excited.

spraying their hair red

Watch gabe here for a nice dribble

and  here  for a nice goal. It was foul and the other coach asked 4 of his players to block the goal.


We went to celebrate the end of the soccer season at olive garden - the kids' favorite restaurant.

And then we went to the beach for more fun time

The drum circle at siesta

On the way back home

It was a nice season. Now there are few more ATP practices before we head to summer. Of course, there will be soccer camps too!

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