Almost there...

We have been pretty busy around here in preparation for the closing day. Tomorrow we will walk out of the office with the key of our new home! Our first home-sweet-home.

It's still surreal for me and I know it will sink in just later in the moving process. We are all very excited!

Ruff is still working from my computer and not having my laptop is driving me a little crazy! I asked him to take Kalei to swimming class so I can use the computer for a little while. Tonight he has his seminar and I am on time-out again  :-(

So, the countdown starts now...

...and I guess I'll start with Kalei's graduation. Just because it's such a special event for all of us.

My boy is growing up so fast and I still can't wrap my mind around the fact he starts kindergarten next fall.

Receiving his diploma

Kalei had such a great year. It's such a special school and the staff is so wonderful.

He made friends with all the boys in his classroom and all five of them grew close together. From left to right: Kaleilei, John Luke, Jonathan, David and Brady.

The ice-cream truck came to help celebrate these little graduates.

I love this munchkin of mine so much!

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