Sunday Ruffin doesn't work so my computer is free and calling me :-) and before we start our day I'll have a chance to post our trip to legoland almost a month ago!

It was very fun. there were not many people in the park and the kids had a chance to go on all the rides more than once.

It was very sweet to have a whole day to watch our kids being happy. we had a chance to spend one-on-one time with them.

Kalei went to the rollercoast but didn't know what to expect and he was terrified during the ride. i can't even imagine what went through his little mind at the time. he felt very vulnerable and all he did was to grab onto daddy with all his might.

At the end of the day we asked the boys what was their favorite ride. kalei: -the rollercoast! he really tries hard to be brave and keep up with his brother. adorable.

Here I found the treasure of my life.

up we go... this one fricked me out.

Miniland. it is amazing. just like the one in California.

Cypress gardens - 75 years old

The kids earned this trip for their wonderful effort in this school year. They have been working very hard and they deserved! We are very proud of them.

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